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Can you imagine a world without water? That would be a nightmare, however we are very close to becoming a reality, the issue of water care is extremely important and sometimes we do not take it seriously.

Think about what activities you could do without the use of water, you could no longer bathe, wash your clothes, brush your teeth, etc. Stop! It is time to take care of the water, currently millions of liters are wasted every day.

There are very simple ways to take care of water, and the National Water Commission recommends the following so that all inhabitants have the possibility of accessing this non-renewable natural resource. economy series water purifier

Place a bottle or two full of water inside the toilet's refill compartment
Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving
Fill the washing machine and dishwasher to their maximum capacity
Swap out old models for new ones with low water consumption

Water the garden early in the morning or in the evening to prevent evaporation of the water
Do not allow leaks, so check the status of your house keys and repair them if they leak
Turn off the faucet while you soaped yourself
Dispose of papers and waste in the trash can and not in the toilet

Use a deep plate to wash fruits and vegetables and use that water to water the plants
Place a plate under the pots, this helps keep the soil moist for longer
Wash your car using a bucket, with the hose many liters are wasted
Bathe your dog with a bucket, no more using a hose
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